In a majority of cases around the country you won’t see desert landscaping,

 so it is only natural that you wouldn’t see it in most homes. Even in the desert

it is all too common to see homeowners design there properties in thick grass

and foliage. No one can deny its appeal but there is just something appropriate

about the desert landscape and having the opportunity to design with an

entirely new concept , plant selection and just all around different approach. I

am sure you’ve seen at the very least one stunning landscaped yard with desert

plants , mostly rock or large stone designs. If not, we are gladly your

introduction to such ideas. Practically , you cannot expect to get the same

quality from your foreign plants at the price you would in there natural climate.

Assuming you do all the work yourself it will still take that much more labor to

Come close to a similar result.

   Install a desert landscape and you get more open space, huge water spending cuts, you

won’t even have the same exact yard as your neighbors. Even if you want your entire yard

covered in vegetation, the Maintenance cost will be so much lower. If you’re a busy person

your yard will stay neat and look tended To with the minimum maintenance and attention.

Check out our gallery for some ideas

Cost Desert Landscaping

It truly depends and varies on each project by a lot, so it is difficult to give a good estimate

but I am going to give an example in order to provide an answer to your question. Let’s Say

a middleclass home with about 1500 sq ft of yard space. First things first and existing 

landscape must be demolished , extracted and disposed of. The Empty canvas must now be

measured from the plant location and design so that the trenches can be dug and irrigation

can be installed properly and made to last. Plant install and rocks follow. In order to cover

half of the area so it isn’t a barren desert landscape , with 10-15 plants ( which is what HOA

requires )  are hauled and put into the ground. Depending on the Rock type/ selection,

Plants type/selection and degree of demolition requirements we can safely say this job can

be done with $3,500 – $6,000. Bigger homes can be doubled close to double size in

housing. To Schedule an estimate visit our Home Page.

Low Maintenance

  Lawn care and maintenance service is always great option specially if you have gotten a desert

landscape installed already. Affordability extends to your lawn management prices. Consider a Yard with

artificial grass, primarily covered in crushed stone , a stone walkway , and plants that drop minimal leaves.

You can nab yourself the minimum maintenance package.

   Pavers , flagstone, concrete and brick all make for great patio material and provide a place to have

cookouts, add some patio furniture  and even a firepit.

   Stone materials can provide additional uses for design, like edging for walkways , walkways themselves,

planter border or plain large stone structures.