Making your house a home is no easy task and can be an extra challenge if you aren’t the creative type, but we all want

something great to look at that allows us to escape the rest of our work week with some level of peace and serenity.

Unless, you just want to bbq, play loud music and drink beer. You get what I mean. I just want to offer some examples and

explain what choices can be made to help you start a design and get a general idea of what you might want for the outside of

your home. I hope you get some good insights on designing your place so let us know in the comments and share your

projects with us! We will continue to post landscaping ideas in the gallery so check them out here

This is pretty traditional and with good reason. Take your stone or pavers path right down the lawn and put some planters

to finish the decorative touch. This example has a pathway made of pavers and a straight path is acceptable but an indent is

an easy enhancement. The plant selection is large foliage ( big leaves) and some rose bushes. White flowers so the whole

thing is just green, no color coordination or concern at all. Easy peasy.

Here the path is the focus and it takes up most of the are , or atleast 60%. Its stone and concrete this time and it is covers

more than the path directly to the door.   A simple pattern or two are added and voila, the majority of the design is complete.

The plants arent fully mature so the planter soil is exposed.  Ideally the ground is covered when plants fully mature , although

I do not mind this stage at all . The mulch or soil provide an extra layer of color, dark brown mostly but a great contrast to the

plants , concrete and even the house. Makes the pathway stand out more. These first two have illustrated the great effect the

walkway can have. I have one more example featuring the walkway , but it is a different idea and type of design. Now, the

plants here seem to be much less big leaf , foliage sort of plants . The opposite actually, these are more like border plants that

don’t drop too much of its leaves.  The color is still minimal but it works as an accent to the overall simple design. Easy and

simple they are both but very different results .

The simple decision for the grass not to touch the wall here is fantastic and has allowed the grass to add to the pattern here.

They have chosen to use concrete for the edging separating the grass and planters. For the size of this area the planters are

big but in a good way seeing as how they are such a big part of the pattern. This is more of a backyard design , something

made for a social area. The space is definitely  here to be occupied and It can be used to play or relax. You can add some patio

furniture there and/or a bbq grill.

I am a Las Vegas Native , so this is what it most common for me personally. Here we have a low maintenance desert

landscape idea in Henderson, Nevada. This example has grown and matured palms. You can tell they were there long

before the rest of the landscaping, but let’s focus on the rest. Still green compared to traditional plant selections for home

landscapes , but the rocks are definitely the base of these desert landscapes. The path is what I mentioned as a design

enhancement on the first example with the pavers walkway. Instead of a straight path the walkway is indented a few times

here. A lot of these plants don’t drop much trash at all and for this design you do not have much upkeep at all. Even the

irrigation system is cheaper with a simple drip system . Lastly, the landscaper took a handful of large stones and scattered

them though-out.

Here we are zooming in on purpose because the perimeter can always be  enhanced with planters like this one. The bushes

in the planters are organized and neatly placed in rows and start a layer effect. Given the space this landscaping idea can be

applied to more simple designs and color  palettes like shown above and increasingly more color and plant dense. All you do

is add more rows and colors and plant sizes and even patterns in the spacing. One more dimension can be added with

elevation if the elevation changes.

Something this green is harder to maintain in the desert climates but provides such a natural and serene space it just might

be worth the water bill. This example is heavy in plant count  , moderate in color and the foliage is robust. Where Yard meets

garden if you will. The planters take up more space than anything else and that density in foliage and plant size is the focal

point. Large almost prehistoric size leaves to the point you might mistake the yard for a rainforest.

When considering landscaping ideas low maintenance comes to mind , but the focus here is in a modern almost urban design. Majority is hardscape and that is

also the focal point. Even the path way is interlaced with the grass. Wood flooring on an outside landscaping is rare and

unique, upscale is the effect. The plants density is almost none existent but no where can your eye focus without being

reminded of its presence.